Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment

The best hyperpigmentation treatment is the one which is highly effective and safe, without the risks of nasty side effects. Here is one such treatment.

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What is Hyperpigmentation?

Best hyperpigmentation treatment

As the name suggests hyperpigmentation is caused when too much melanin – the coloring pigment of the skin – collects in one place, giving the appearance of dark spots commonly called age or liver spots or larger patches of darker colored skin.

Birthmarks and also old scars can become darker in color and so benefit from the same kind of treatments..



What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Unfortunately there are many different triggers that cause hyperpigmentation, one of the more common ones being sunlight. One of my dearest friends Jenny suffered as a result of sunlight and I can tell you that after that she always took a lot of precautions before straying out into direct sunlight.

Hyperpigmentation on the face can cause loss of self-confidence and embarrassment for many people, and that’s exactly what happened to Jenny. But there are hyperpigmentation products available to reduce the effects.Unfortunately I have lost touch with her otherwise I would recommend her to use Illuminatural 6i to fix it.

Anyway sunlight is just one of several causes of hyperpigmentation, Other reasons include many medications as well as a few less obvious causes. For example:

  • Some contraceptives
  • Some antibiotics
  • Some acne treatments
  • Some anti-seizure
  • Acne scarring
  • Some acne treatments (ironic isn’t it!?)
  • HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones can also cause hyperpigmentation, for example during pregnancy when the mother to be develops what is commonly called the mask of pregnancy or melasma (how to treat melasma).

As you can see it’s quite a problem with many different (and sometimes converging) causes.

Can I and Should I Get Rid Of My Hyperpigmentation?

Getting rid of hyperpigmentation from the face or body, even hyperpigmentation on the legs is possible, with the right hyperpigmentation treatment.

Hyperpigmentation can occur anywhere on the body which has been exposed to the sun. Sadly acne and some acne treatments can also cause hyperpigmentation, the damage caused to the skin due to acne and any scarring leaves the skin open to acne hyperpigmentation, which can occur on the face, neck, chest or back.

Genetics too can play a part in the development of hyperpigmentation; Melasma for example, is believed to have a hereditary factor.

Various Hyperpigmentation Treatments

There are many hyperpigmentation products available on the market and they can range not only in price but also in effectiveness and safety. The best hyperpigmentation treatment has to be the one which is safe and effective.

Care needs to be taken when choosing a treatment for hyperpigmentation, some hyperpigmentation creams contain dangerous chemicals such as Mercury (which is banned in the US) or the highly controversial Hydroquinone which has links with cancer and leukemia.

Other treatments for hyperpigmentation include chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and bleaching. Not only can these treatments be expensive they also carry some rather nasty side effects, which can include red inflamed painful skin and or blistering at the site of the treatment which can last for 7 days.

The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment

There is a safer alternative made with natural ingredients which is formulated to be safe for use on the face and body; with 8 plant extracts and 6 lightening ingredients Illuminatural 6i by Skinception has to be the ideal choice. Whether you suffer from hyperpigmentation on the legs, the face or any part of the body, Illuminatural 6i is the natural answer.

The best Hyperpigmentation treatment delivers the results you want without side effects or risks to health. Natural is usually safest and best and Illuminatural 6i by Skinception provides the natural hyperpigmentation treatment your skin will respond to and you will be happy with. For a detailed overview of this new natural treatment for hyperpigmentation then check out this Illuminatural 6i review if you are interested.

Illuminatural 6i is also recognised as a great birthmark removal cream, a treatment for melasma and one of the age spot creams. For the natural, safe treatment of skin issues related to excess melanin (the coloring pigment of the skin) Illuminatural 6i is possibly the market leader.

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