Birthmark Removal Cream

Birthmarks are very common, but for some people they can be an embarrassment and or cause loss of confidence; however there are treaments, including a birthmark removal cream which is both highly effective and safe to use even on the face.

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About Birthmarks

Birthmarks are generally present at birth or can appear a short time after birth. As with freckles, the brown colored birthmarks are due to the collection of melanin (the coloring pigment of the skin) under the skin; it appears that both freckles and birthmarks can have a genetic link, in some families all members of the family can have the same birthmark, or in some all females on the paternal side of the family can have the same birthmark in the same place on the body for example.

Cafe- au lait-birthmark

Cafe- au lait-birthmark treatment

Birthmarks can also take the form of what is commonly called ‘port wine stain’ – are due to vascular malformations and can appear anywhere on the body. Some babies are born with birthmarks which fade and in many cases disappear within the first 5 years.

Some birthmarks become darker and therefore more noticeable when exposed to sunlight, while others are naturally dark. Regardless of the conditions birthmark removal cream can reduce the impact.

Available Birthmark Removal Treatments


The best birthmark removal cream is one which doesn’t cause side effects, such as burning, itching or blistering of the skin or contain nasty or dangerous ingredients such Mercury (which is banned in the US) or a very common yet potentially dangerous chemical ingredient Hydroquinone which is linked with cancer and leukemia.

There are many birthmark removal treatments on the market, some of which can be very expensive and include nasty side effects, while some people may feel it is worth the money and the risks, not everyone is happy to subject themselves to such aggressive treatments as chemical peels or microdermabrasion, which can leave the skin very red and inflamed, with blistering for up to 7 days. In rare cases some aggressive procedures can result in permanent scarring.


Laser birthmark removal is sometimes used by people in the hope of getting rid of their birthmark. The cost of laser birthmark removal is prohibitive for many people and often will require several treatments in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome. Laser birthmark removal aims to lighten the appearance of the birthmark, the ‘port wine stain’ generally needs several treatments.

In some cases laser birthmark removal can lead to darker pigmentation and depending how deep the pigmentation runs the birthmarks can reappear, requiring more expensive courses of treatment each time the birthmark reappears.

Best Birthmark Removal Cream

Fortunately there is another far more cost effective alternative, too expensive and often potentially dangerous birthmark removal. Illuminatural 6i by Skinception, made with natural ingredients, and Illuminatural 6i is a highly effective and safe treatment for the removal of birthmarks. Here is a Illuminatural 6i review if you are interested. In summary it is formulated with high quality natural skin lighteners and plant extracts to care for the skin, this birthmark removal cream gently fades birthmarks to give a more pleasing appearance and is safe to use on the face and body.

Illuminatural 6i is also recognised as a the best hyperpigmentation treatment, an effective treatment for melasma and one of the best age spot creams available. For the natural, safe treatment of skin issues related to excess melanin (the coloring pigment of the skin) Illuminatural 6i is possibly the market leader.

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