How to Treat Melasma

Melasma or the ‘mask of pregnancy’ as it is more commonly known is caused by the increase of hormones during pregnancy, but how to treat melasma without causing harm to the baby can be a challenge.

Many ladies suffer with melisma during their pregnancy and while restricted to pregnant ladies, it isn’t really considered to be a medical condition, but rather a cosmetic concern, for many it can be a source of frustration and embarrassment.

how to treat melasma

Melasma – often associated with pregnancy.

What is Melasma?

Seen almost entirely in females, Melasma usually appears as patchy brown, tan or blue-gray discoloration. Typically it appears on the upper lip, forehead chin or across the upper cheeks. Melasma is the uneven distribution of the skin’s coloring pigment melanin.

What Causes Melasma?

Despite its common name ‘mask of pregnancy’ not all cases are due to pregnancy, HRT (hormone replacement therapy), some contraceptives, ant seizure medications, and certain antibiotics can cause the condition.

One of the most common factors which appears to contribute to Melasma is exposure to sunlight, particularly if there is a genetic predisposition to Melasma.

Some medications carry a warning not to expose or sunbathe while taking the medication, but high factor sunblock can reduce the instances of Melasma.

How to Treat Melasma

There are many treatments available for Melasma, some are very aggressive and may not be suitable for pregnant ladies, due to the risk to the unborn baby. Harsh and dangerous chemicals could pose a threat as some Melasma treatment creams contain highly toxic Mercury (banned in the US) and very commonly Hydroquinone, which is linked with cancer and leukemia. Great care needs to be taken when buying Melasma treatment over the counter, as some do contain ingredients which could prove to be dangerous or cause nasty side effects.

Some Melasma treatments can be very expensive with poor results or nasty side effects such as blistering, red inflamed skin and painful burning sensations which can last for up to 7 days. In rare cases permanent scarring has resulted. Very often the problem will reoccur and require further expensive and often very aggressive treatments. Treatments such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are not only expensive, but do carry some risks and may not be suitable for pregnant ladies.

How to Treat Melasma Naturally

There are natural treatments for Melasma and Illuminatural 6i made by Skinception, is formulated as a highly effective yet gentle solution. Containing 6 natural skin lighteners and 8 plants extracts to gently care for the skin. Skinception’s Illuminatural 6i offers a very safe skin lightening cream that works for the treatment for Melasma on the face. Here is a recent Illuminatural 6i review if you are interested.

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How to treat Melasma can be a difficult challenge and finding the right Melasma treatment cream, which is not only safe but also delivers the results without damage to the skin can be problematic. The best treatment for Melasma is the one which is safe, clinically proven and doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals or cause unwanted side effects.

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